‘I chose to have implants as I could not face the prospect of wearing dentures. I selected Lidia as my specialist dentist as she was caring and sensitive about making sure that I had an very  acceptable appearance whilst going through the process of having teeth removed. . This for me was essential and even though it may have made the process a bit longer, it was worth while.  I enjoyed working with Lidia and now it is all done, I am very happy with the final look. I have no hesitation in recommending Lidia.

SH London 2012

” I was extremely nervous and really had put treatment off for too long before finally going to see Lidia who was recommended by a friend .  She spent a long time explaining all my options and discussing my needs. I thought I needed an implant supported bridge, but she advised me to have an overdenture which was half the price and as she predicted is absolutely fixed and gives great support to my face. It has absolutely changed my life and I look younger and am able to eat out with my family and friends, something that had become very stressful for me. She was lovely and patient and extremely kind. I would recommend her to anyone considering implants “

DH London 2012

” Lidia replaced all my teeth 15 years ago with bridges in both jaws. To this day I have not had a single problem and now cannot remember the days when I did not have my own teeth. I always look forward to our check up meetings for a chat and clean up. I have recommended many of my friends to her who have been equally happy with their treatment. “

DMcK London 2012

” Lidia has been my  periodontist for 18 years .  Because of her, I managed to keep my old teeth for all that time. Last year we decided that it was now or never for implants and we replaced the upper teeth with a bridge on 6 implants. She warned me the extractions would be depressing and they were , but once over we moved swiftly through 6 months of treatment. I now have a lovely new smile  and am very happy with the treatment I received. I would recommend Lidia to anyone”

SR Surrey 2012

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